About us


It was in 1898 that George C. Goodfellow first entered the lumber industry. Within four short years, he had established Goodfellow’s first lumber yard in Montreal. By researching and seeking out new markets, a long-lasting relationship developed with a major wood user at that time – the automobile industry

Through the years, Goodfellow expanded its horizons across Canada and around the world, constantly strengthening its customer base and diversifying its range of products. Then, as now, the lumber business, hardwoods and timber in particular, were the cornerstones of our trade. But in the face of changing times, Goodfellow has kept pace and innovated within the industry. Today, Goodfellow remanufactures and distributes a wide range of lumber and wood products that meets and surpasses the new realities of environmental concerns and market needs.


Today, Goodfellow Incorporated’s head office in Delson, is well situated on Montreal’s south shore. This giant central yard is the home to our modern processing and storage plants.Our yard-based team of technical specialists work in partnership with our customers to provide not only products, but solutions. This is where Goodfellow’s one hundred years of experience has built a foundation for tomorrow.


Goodfellow has long been the leader in the processing and distribution of exotic woods, Douglas Fir, construction timber, cedar, pine and hardwoods. We distribute a wide range of flooring, siding and decking products. Our line also includes pressure-treated lumber, glue-laminated wood beam structures, wood sidings, and a complete range of plywood and speciality wood panels. We also distribute a variety of wood and construction related products. Goodfellow provides custom orders prepared in our very own remanufacturing plants, assuring rapid “Just in Time” deliveries throughout North America.

At Goodfellow, we are ” The Wood Specialist”.  Our ability to adapt to customer needs has earned us a reputation as one of the best wood product distributors.  Our expertise and flexibility have resulted in solid working relationships with our customers.  Goodfellow has built the resources necessary to deliver a quality product that meets our customers needs.

At Goodfellow every stage of processing raw wood into lumber is strictly controlled.  Selection, drying, processing, pressure treating, packaging and delivery.  We monitor every phase to meet our customers needs.  Goodfellow acts also as wholesaler or broker for a complete range of wood products.  The combination of our financial strength, our technical expertise, and our capability in inventory management within the chain of supply allows us to efficiently meet the exacting demands of our customers.

 A worldwide resource

Our Regional Distribution Centres maintain large inventories. Strategically located in Dartmouth, Moncton, Quebec City, Ottawa, Campbellville, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Saskatoon, they are ideally situated to promptly serve all regions of Canada. The Goodfellow delivery fleet is the most modern on the road. Our Curtainside-Trailers are specially adapted for the ease and efficiency of loading and off-loading our products as well as assuring quality delivery in all types of weather.  We also have installations in the U.S. and England.  We export and import products to and from all the continents.

Environmental policy

GOODFELLOW INC. is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.

To fulfil this commitment, we:

  • Operate our business to meet or surpass all relevant regulated environmental requirements and subscribed codes of practice;
  • Set objectives, targets and action plans and use processes, practices, materials and products chosen to avoid or control adverse effects on the environment;
  • Identify responsibilities and accountabilities for employees for safe and environmentally sound work practices;
  • Monitor effectiveness and review environmental programs, objectives and targets with the goal of ensuring continual improvement;
  • Sell only forest products from environmentally responsible producers.
  • Distribute an increasing variety of products with recognized ecological certifications.
  • Are an FSC® certified company
  • Are members of canadian organizations for packaging reduction (Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), Stewardship Ontario)