At Goodfellow, we are " The Wood Specialists".  Our ability to adapt to customers needs has earned us a reputation as one of the best wood product distributors.


Goodfellow offers you a wide range of Cedar products for both exterior and interior use.

Douglas Fir

The strongest and most versatile softwood specie.

Engineered Wood

Help you build solid and long-lasting homes by providing high-quality products.


Goodlam is a division of Goodfellow Inc. specialized in the manufacture and fabrication of glued-laminated timber, commonly known as Glulam.


Goodfellow has been processing and exporting wood since 1898 and is now the largest hardwood distributor in Canada.


We stock both Eastern and Western Hemlock. A construction timber staple.


Goodfellow offers not only a wide range of lumber items but also several services to help you realize your industrial or manufacturing projects.


The Leader in the Mining industry


Goodfellow has been processing and exporting pine for over 100 years. We kiln dry, grade, and process pine in our Delson, Trois-Rivieres, and Mont-Tremblant locations.

Treated Wood

Goodfellow has specialized in pressure-treated wood for over 50 years. We are the largest treater in Eastern Canada.