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Material that inspires your imagination

Pushing the boundaries of residential and commercial design, Goodfellow is proud to offer Avonite® solid surfaces that are both durable and highly customizable. Avonite acrylic solid surfaces and the composite surfaces characterizing the Studio Collection® can be tailored to any shape and environment. Their applications are innovative, aesthetic and durable.


Acrylic Avonite: Endless creative possibilities

One of the most important properties of acrylic resin is the ease with which it can be thermoformed and moulded to make countertops, work surfaces, furniture, even entire rooms. Avonite solid surfaces made from 100% acrylic can be used in vertical or horizontal applications or on straight or rounded surfaces. Though highly durable, they can also be repaired if damaged. What’s more, their bacteriostatic properties and inconspicuous seams provide optimum hygiene, making them an ideal choice for kitchens, health facilities and laboratories.


Studio Collection: A bright idea

Made from a proprietary resin blend, products from this collection stand out for their unique aesthetic, which makes no compromises on the properties of solid surfaces, such as thermoforming, durability, hygiene and ease of repair. Whether your decor calls for a bright, shimmering or translucent surface, you can create an atmosphere that’s subdued or electrifying and accentuate it with clever lighting or backlighting. As alternatives to glass and porcelain, these materials have become popular in trendy bars, restaurants and shops.


Why choose Avonite?

  • Thermoformable into a multitude of shapes
  • Durable and reparable surface has a long lifespan
  • Available in sheets up to 150 cm (60 in.) wide, 360 cm (144 in.) long and 12 mm (½ in.) thick
  • Selection of more than 100 colours and patterns with custom colours possible
  • Non-porous material with bacteriostatic properties and inconspicuous seams maximizes safety and hygiene
  • Recyclable


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*Available in the Atlantic Provinces & Quebec