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CertainTeed Insulation

CertainTeed insulation

Goodfellow distributes the line of CertainTeed products that improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in your buildings.

Fiberglass insulation

The recycled content of CertainTeed fibreglass insulation conforms to the EPA directive on minimum recycled content for fibreglass products. CertainTeed products are GREENGUARD® certified and comply with stringent GREENGUARD standards on VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, of which formaldehyde. Visit for more information.

Vapor barrier

Humidity cannot be avoided in homes. In Canada, homes need to be heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. There is a risk that traditional polyethylene vapor retarders trap humidity inside walls during the summer, thereby accentuating the risk of mold problems, structural damage, health problems and civil liability. The continuous air barrier provided by MemBrain™ is patented; the same product supplies a continuous protection against air and sophisticated humidity management.


For more information, please visit the CertainTeed training centre at