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D-Blaze | Fire-Retardant

Flameproof wood is a new-generation construction material designed for interior structural wood and millwork.  Its hygroscopic and minimum corrosion properties make it the perfect choice when a fire-resistant material is required.

D-BLAZE fireproof wood does not crystallize and is odorless.  Its use meets with all the requirements of the new international building code as well as insurance offices and is eligible for lower insurance rates.

In most cases, fire-retardant wood products are less expensive than other non-combustible materials.

Not for exterior use.

D-Blaze wood treatment can be used in a variety of applications, including :

  • Wood roof trusses
  • Secondary interior partitions
  • Flat insulating roofs
  • Outdoor wall supports
  • Beams and purlins
  • Structural supports
  • Floor trusses
  • Cutting and architectural finishing
  • Subfloors – blocking and scaling
  • Joists – paneling


The wood is pressure treated with D-BLAZE by Goodfellow with a retention of 8 kg per cubic meter per panel not for contact with the ground treated by method of vacuum impregnation and pressure in an enclosed cylinder classified according combustion characteristics of surface that conforms to CANF/ULC S-102M FRS standards and dried to 19% moisture or less after treatment.

Products treated with D-Blaze show no sign of significant progressive combustion after 30 minutes of exposure to flames.