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GRASS Dynapro

Variety has a name: Dynapro

The range of special features of GRASS concealed slide systems makes them the highly efficient movement systems of the future. Because with the strong Dynapro precision slide it is possible to meet nearly all functional, comfort and design requirements.

High load capacity

The operating characteristics of Dynapro remain unchanged even when moving heavy loads. Loads of up to 60 kg present no problem for the system. Abrasion-resistant nylon rollers always ensure smooth and even operation.

Synchronised movement

Unlike conventional undermount slide systems, Dynapro is the only fitting worldwide that features a synchronisation mechanism. Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, the Dynapro slide system moves without any annoying noise or resistance.

3D adjustment

Dynapro is the first undermount slide system worldwide with an integrated, three-dimensional adjustment facility. The entire drawer can be adjusted vertically and horizontally as well as in its tilt angle. While long a standard feature on double-wall drawer systems, this is the first time that 3D adjustment has been fully adapted to a undermount drawer slide. All adjustments are tool-free, readily accessible and easy to handle. In short, it takes just a few tweaks to achieve optimal alignment.

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