Goodfellow offers a 6,5mm (0,5mm) x 7.17’’ X 72’’ Stone Product Composite (SPC) flooring including 1.5mm EVA pad attached (HD High Density) with an embossed in register finish (EIR)

  • Various shades in each box
  • Tolerates conditions from +60°C to -60°C and up to 60 li. ft. without a transition molding
  • Floating installation with 5G « Drop Lock » system
  • High resistance to direct sunlight
  • No formaldehyde & no phthalates
  • Acoustical rating STC / IIC: 72
  • Install on all levels
  • Waterproof product
  • Can be installed over a water radiant or electric floor
  • 30 Year residential warranty
  • 10 Year commercial warranty