Fingerjoint Pine

The jointed pine is composed of pieces of pine glued end to end or side by side (laminated).  This product is very popular when looking for a very stable pine because the risk of warping is almost none when using this type of product.  In addition, the acquisition cost is less than the solid pine, however this type of product is not recommended to apply stain or varnish as the joints are visible.

Available in standard board of 1’’x2’’ up to 12’’ in length and a width of 8 or 16 feet, it is also available in special sizes according to your specifications for manufacturing components and is highly sought after in particular by door, window, and molding industries.

Goodfellow jointed pine is offered in Eastern White Pine and South American Calypso Pine (Taeda), it may be natural or primed with a back coat of matt white.  We also offer a range of glulam pine boards ideal for manufacturing furniture and shelves.  1×12’’ – 16’’ – 24’’x 8’ long.

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