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Glued Laminated Wood

Goodlam is a division of Goodfellow Inc. specialized in the design, manufacturing and fabrication of glued-laminated timber, commonly known as Glulam. Glulam is a structural engineered wood product used for over a century because of its beauty, low cost, ease of construction and superior strength. We are not just limited to Glulam, we are also specialized in the supply and fabrication of heavy timber.

Glulam is an engineered wood product composed of individual pieces of dimensional lumber that are end jointed and bonded together to create laminations. These laminations are stacked and glued in a straight or curved form. Beams are manufactured with the strongest laminations on the bottom and top of the beam, where maximum tension and compression stresses occur. Weaker strength laminations are placed in lower stressed zones thus optimizing the structural values of wood. Being an engineered product, members are manufactured in strict accordance with the guidelines outlined by CSA and certified by APA-EWS through a rigorous quality control and testing program.

Commercial Applications

  • Exterior Applications
  • Trusses
  • Curved and Straight Shapes

Residential Applications

  • Stock Beams and Custom Beams
  • Floor Beams
  • Ridge and Rafter Beams
  • Header Beams
  • Columns


  • Professional engineers, technicians and technical representatives are available to provide any assistance necessary.
  • Manufactured and fabricated to your specifications
  • Special fabrication services (pre-drilling, pre-cutting and numbering)
  • Steel connections and hardware supplied by Goodlam if needed
  • Decking and other related products available
  • In-house fire retardant or preservative treating and staining services available
  • Engineered beam and column design tables available for ease of specification.
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