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Goodfellow Designers Collection

Discover our wood looking veneer through our Designers Collection exclusive to Goodfellow. You will be charmed by our various collections offering a wide selection, from vintage to contemporary styles. Your cabinets will give warmth, glamour and originality to your home !

Vintage Collection
A plank look that gives a rustic and contemporary feel.
A new timeless trend.

Textura Collection
This textured veneer in 1/16 Ash is offered in a Select or Knotty Grade.
Ideal for a chic rustic look.

Charlevoix Collection
Beautiful collection of several North American species assembled in a plank look for a warm feel. Wood veneers with an Italian lacquer gives a modern and contemporary look.

Pure Line Collection
The collection is a set of assembled plank look veneers showing Heart and Sapwood. This arrangement is made with care showing the beautiful colour variations.

European Collection
A set of straight grain wood veneers which highlights the colour variations in the grain.

Engineered Wood Collection
A set of pre-dyed real wood veneer assembled in Italy.