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To design this prefinished flooring collection, Goodfellow selected species that stand out through the years. Their advantages: a rich natural colour, an exceptional hardness and an unrivaled durability. Goodfellow has spared no effort in manufacturing these high quality products. Great care is taken in the kiln drying and milling of the boards under ideal conditions. The culmination of the manufacturing process is the application of aluminum oxide-based varnish, which delivers incredible resistance to wear and is backed by a 25-year residential warranty.

In its concern for preserving the world’s forest, Goodfellow makes sure that all products are manufactured and harvested in accordance with local government regulations, including reforestation. The Goodfellow International Collection features wood species from all over the world. Boards are characterized by rich natural coloring, extreme hardness and unsurpassed durability.


  • 3/4’’ x 3 1/4’’ – 4’’ – 5’’ Hardwood flooring (see below)
  • Semi-gloss finish with a 60° aluminum oxide gloss
  • Micro-beveled on 4 sides
  • Nailed down installation
  • Unique hardness and durability
  • Longer planks
  • 25 Year residential warranty
  • Must maintain relative humidity between 40-55%
  • Install on all floors except basement