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Goodfellow Ipé

Why Ipé is so special ?

Ipé is an exotic wood species which grows mainly in Central and South America. It has a fine texture which appears oily. You won’t find any finer and more richly distinctive hardwood decking on the market. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, the outdoor walkways at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, and those of the Boardwalk Hotel in Disney World are all testimonials to the beauty and durability of Ipé. Its resistance to mold, rot, insects and durability has made Ipé a benchmark material for all exterior hardwoods. It is such a resistant and durable species that Ipe wood has long been used for railroad ties, truck flooring, industrial flooring and boardwalks.
Ipé is the ultimate solution for those who want the best and most durable outdoor design. Ipé is the product on the market that will last the longest. Being a high density and harder wood Ipe is not only the best material for outdoors, it is unique in its coloration, character marks and graining variations.


Create Amazing Projects in a Flash !

The various uses of Ipé Lock Tiles are endless with their anti-slip surface. Among the more common ideas are: pathways through Gardens and Natural Areas, Ground Level Patios, Outdoor Showers, Saunas and Spas, Mud Mats, Outdoor Planter Foundations, Picnic Areas and Condo Balconies. The tiles are pre-assembled with Stainless Steel Screws for Long Lasting Durability. They can be laid on any surface (Concrete, Soil, Gravel…) and aptly designed Ties make it easy to move and re-arrange the tiles as needed.


Ipé Exterior Siding

Ipé siding has the same characteristics as Ipé decking, i.e. resistant to the worst weather conditions. Compared to other outdoor sidings that are man made, the Ipe coating contains no preservatives, it is chemical free, so 100% natural.



  • A Lifetime Product for Prestige Installations
  • Without Chemical Treatment
  • Extremely Dense ( 7 times as dense as Western Red Cedar), thus Naturally Resistant to Cupping and Dimensionally Stable
  • Highly Resistant to Staining, Rot and Insects
  • Harvested Selectively from Managed Tropical Forests