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Goodfellow Original

Goodfellow Original is a 3/4’’ hardwood flooring offered in 3 1/4’’ and 4 1/4’’ widths. A collection with attributes that add style, elegance and value to your home.



A finish with a higher resistance to abrasion that will help maintain the gloss and original beauty of your floor.


UV protection prevents yellowing of the finish when exposed to natural or artificial lighting and it slows down or lessens the colour changes of the wood planks over time.


An antimicrobial treatment diminishes the risk of microbes and mold spread on the surface of the varnish. Entirely non-toxic, this treatment helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment.



  • URBAN series presents a satin finish with a 30° aluminum oxide gloss
    NATURE series presents a mat finish with a 10° aluminum oxide gloss, though, the red oak has a wire brushed finish
  • Superior Resistance to scratches
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Lifetime warranty on structural integrity
  • 35-year residential warranty
  • 4-sided micro v-joint
  • Nailed down installation
  • Maintain a relative humidity between 40-55%
  • Can be installed on all levels except basements

IMPORTANT: The characteristics mentioned above are for the NATURE and URBAN series (oak and maple). We invite you to consult the technical sheets to know the characteristics of the other species.


Colours & characteristics of the old collection