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Goodlam Services

Goodlam division

Goodlam is a division of Goodfellow Inc. specialized in the design, manufacturing and fabrication of glued-laminated timber, commonly known as glulam. Glulam is a structural engineered wood product used for over a century because of its beauty, low cost, ease of construction and superior strength. We are not just limited to Glulam, we are also specialized in the supply and fabrication of heavy timber.

When you think of Goodlam, what should come to mind is: a quality product, good service and qualified employees determined to make your projects a reality. With a strong team of engineers, technicians, carpenters and quality control agents, we are able to design, detail, manufacture and fabricate according to your specifications.

We are prepared and have the facilities to embark on a multitude of projects ranging from the most complex to the simplest, in residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational applications.  We have done curved pedestrian and road bridges, tapered hydro-electric poles, multi-curved patio beams, Olympic size arenas, etc.


Our team of engineers and technicians are ready to make your ideas a reality. We use nothing but advanced software to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Entire structures can be analyzed in 3D using VisualDesign or individual members can be sized using ADA by Graitec . All drawings and details are prepared using CADwork, the latest in 3D CAD software specifically designed for the timber industry. We can design and supply prefabricated timber and the steel connections along with the hardware that is required in your project. The connections can be designed as concealed, partially concealed or exposed. The steel and hardware are available in a variety of finishes to suit your project’s needs.


Many services are provided to ease the construction of your projects and to ensure end result satisfaction.

  • Professional engineers, technicians and technical representative are available to provide any technical assistance
  • Manufactured and fabricated to your specifications
  • Special fabrication services (pre-drilling, pre-cutting and numbering)
  • Steel connections and hardware supplied by Goodlam if needed
  • Decking and other related products available
  • In-house fire retardant or preservative treating and staining services available
  • Engineered beams and column design tables available for ease of specification


Our fabrication can be done by one of two methods. The first method is by experienced carpenters and fabricators that have been working in this field for decades using a series of specialized powered hand tools. The second method of fabrication is done by the latest in-automated technology using computerized numerical cutting (CNC) machinery, which communicates directly with our 3D drawing software…

The Hundegger is one such machine that is capable of detailing complex geometry using a series of cutting, boring and machining tools along a conveyor belt system with two positioning wagons to accurately place the member on the cutting surface. From complex cuts to dovetail joints, there is not much this remarkable machine can’t do. It has a precision of up to 1/200 of an inch (0.13mm) making it incredibly accurate and fast.

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