RadiusTM flexible plywood panels revolutionize the very concept of architectural design, thanks to their proven physical properties. Extremely flexible, both in terms of suppleness as a structural material and with the variety of “potential applications, RadiusTM allows for elaborate designs at a lower cost. Eliminating the need to use a substructure for support when bending is required saves both time and money because of swift and safe assembly which means an end to the usual cutting, steaming, laminating and preforming processes.


  • RadiusTM is a registered trademark that guarantees the product quality.
  • Cross grain RadiusTM can be banded widthwise and long grain RadiusTM can be banded lengthwise.
  • Standard PVA and contact-type glues can be used for bonding RadiusTM.
  • When two sheets of RadiusTM are glued together, they produce a stiff panel.
  • The resistance of a curved assembly of two 5/16″ (8 mm) sheets of RadiusTM is comparable to the weight of an average-height person.
  • When lacquer and transparent varnish is applied to RadiusTM, it takes on the colour of beech or pine.
  • The surface of RadiusTM takes well to tint and paint: it can also be coated with plaster. RadiusTM can even be used for concrete forms to meet specific needs.

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