Robertson Screw

Robertson Inc., is a global supplier of standard and specialty fasteners with operating locations throughout the world. Through his modern manufacturing technology, ongoing product development programs, highly skilled and dedicated people and enduring commitment to excellence, Robertson Inc. continues to build on his heritage of quality and innovation.

Deck Screws available in :

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Bright Zinc
  • Yellow Zinc

Flooring (Lube) Screws are also available as welll as Stainless Steel and Composite Decking Screws.


  • Robertson is one of Canada’s 10 most recognised brands
  • Robertson is the only screw manufacturer that owns and runs their own manufacturing facility
  • Robertson’s quality control is 2nd to none
  • Robertson’s product is VERY consistent because they don’t need to outsource to various mills for continuous supply
  • Robertson offers the traditional 1/4 keg quantities in buckets and also offers job-lot sized jars to meet specific needs
  • Roberston’s new colour-coded plastic packaging means the screws travel well and are protected from the elements
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