FSC® certified plywood

In 2005, Goodfellow obtained Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification by the Rainforest Alliance. This certification recognizes Goodfellow’s supply chain as environmentally responsible. (FSC®) certification ensures that the certified products are coming from forests that are managed in an eco-responsible manner.

Marine Grade Plywood

Marine Grade plywood is not chemically treated to enhance its resistance to decay. If decay is a concern, it should be treated with a pressure-preservative to an appropriate standard. It’s a wood product and if exposed to the elements (rain, sun, snow, and other) even with a paint or stain applied, it may check/split and swell the panel due to the panel expanding and shrinking. If used for exterior purposes, the panel must be sealed.

Medium Density Siding Plywood (mdo)

Armorbond is an outdoor type plywood coated with a resin film resistant to bad weather, pressure and heat-glued to the wood. The coating molecules bind to the wood fibers to form a bond that is as strong as the wood itself. It can be sawn, routed, drilled, shaped, whittled or edge planed without flaking or tearing of the coating. It has a greater resistance to moisture, corrosion, flaking, and embossing. The smooth surface binds paint for years and ensures excellent results with screen printing and rolling coating processes.

Concrete Formwork Plywood

Easy to use and maintain, Ultraform provides a smooth matte-finish concrete. Surfaces are treated with Nox-Crete® release agent that protects the surface while reducing form damage and easing striking effort. Ultraform’s strength and stiffness, impact resistance, tough overlaid surface, quality edge seal, and exterior glue bond allow for multiple re-uses. Ultraform’s low water transmission rate from a constant water/cement.

Available Treatment

CCA, ACQ, Terra Micro-Pro, D-Blaze

For more information on available treatment consult the treated wood section of our website.