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Stabledge Sub-floor

Stabledge panels are strong, solid, consistent in size and uniform from sheet to sheet. These panels have no knots, joints or visible holes, and do not have delamination or warping problems.Given its moisture resistance, Stabledge offers stiffness and resistance that exceeds recognized standards, in addition to not requiring sanding. It has a solid centre, without any knotted holes, cracking or patching.


  • No warping on the sides, which means no need to sand the joints.
  • Stable, completely flat panels with no warping.
  • Tongue-and-groove design makes it easy to assemble.
  • Reduces labour costs since assembly is easy and no sanding is required.
  • Printed nailing lines to make the laying of wood easier.
  • Easy to nail or screw; no special tools needed.
  • Easier to cut and nail than other prestige products; not much required in terms of tools and equipment.
  • Anti-slip surface offering superior traction to sanded boards
  • Less need for protected storage on site.
  • 50 years warranty

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