Timber Frames – Douglas Fir

Goodfellow is the largest distributor and processor of Douglas Fir in Eastern North America.  Douglas Fir is particularly sought after for :

  • Beams and columns for buildings with solid wood frames in combination with steel or in mortise  and tenon joint
  • Land or water structure erected
  • Roofing type bridge (See roof section / Bridging)
  • Construction of road and forest bridges, docks and mine shaft timber

Douglas Fir has an excellent performance for its structural wood dimension.  Its weight is relatively low compared to its strength, making it an excellent choice for structural applications.  This type of wood is also one of the most used worldwide in heavy construction timber.  Douglas Fir is a structural lumber capable of supporting heavy loads.  With the purchase of wood, Goodfellow is able to offer technical service and engineering to CSA 086 standards through our Goodlam Division.

Sold unfinished or to your specifications, beams and columns are available in three grades, Select, no 1, or no 2.  No 1 and no 2 classes are used for structural applications.  The Select class is specified when the visual aspect is very important and where higher strengths are required.  Beams and columns are available in sizes as large as 30’’x30’’x60’ and can be pressure treated in our facilities for outdoor applications.

Goodfellow also offers Spruce structural beams as well as non-structural beams in red cedar and white pine.  These products are purchased for their appearance and are sought-after to create a rustic or Scandinavian look.  All products offered can be transformed according to your specific needs in our facilities.

For more information, visit the following websites:

Calculation rules of wood framework CAN/CSA O86

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