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Goodfellow is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products. We invite you to consult the section specifically designed for architects and designers (to the right of the screen). You will find more information and the list of places where you can buy our products. Goodfellow also has samples available of these products. You can order exterior siding samples directely from our web site, or contact your sales representative.

As a manufacturer, Goodfellow is able to help you achieve unique projects according to your specifications. Goodfellow products offer countless opportunities for innovation in architecture and design. We invite you to visit our service section for more details or to communicate directly with your specification representative to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the necessary literature.

We offer a range of environmentally friendly products that will help you achieve the desired LEED standards.  Consult our list of eco-friendly product for more details.

Goodfellow participates in many exhibitions.  Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events in your area.



Goodfellow supports contractors in many ways.  Our representatives are able to help you achieve your projects. You can participate or visit our training sessions, as well as our exhibitions and contractor evenings. Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events in your area.

We are available to help you start your building sites and we are able to offer you different programs for model homes. We also invite you to consult our bonus programs for contractors. Loyal partners are important to the success of our business and to show our gratitude we offer a choice of rewards to thank you for continuing to use Goodfellow products.

Goodfellow teamed up with our many partners to offer you several programs. Such as Fiberon, Certainteed and others.


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