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Using wood as an accent product in the interior of your home never goes out of style and today’s wood walls have come a long way from the panels that were in fashion in the 60’s and 70’s. Wood walls are being used in a variety of styles and are seen everywhere from cutting-edge hotel lobbies to retail chain stores, local coffee shops, and brewpubs. The trends rebirth is now happening in the residential field and Wallplanks makes projects easy and affordable!

Easy installation

Wallplanks are easy to install, extra strong peel and stick, wood wall panels that offer an affordable way to make a big impact in the design of your space. Whatever your style, Wallplanks has you covered!

These planks are engineered with 100% real wood and a SHIPLAP edge so the surface behind the planks does not peek through regardless of a change in seasons and humidity. The product is also flexible and has the capability to be installed on walls that are not entirely flat.

These innovative, environmentally friendly planks are manufactured by From The Forest in central Wisconsin, USA and sold by local business owners across America and Canada.


The only limit is your imagination! #StickToYourStyle