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Goodfellow Terra®

Goodfellow Terra® pressure treated wood products are designed for use in residential and commercial environments, where appearance and environmental protection standards are of paramount importance.


The MicroPro innovative wood preservation technology allows the introduction of copper inside the wood in a solid micronized form, without the use of solvents and thus produce a durable wood for outdoor applications, which is comparable to ACQ treated wood. Goodfellow Terra treated wood can be used above ground level, in contact with the ground and it can be immersed in fresh water.

Goodfellow Terra ready to install in rich tones of natural wood, which is a first in the Canadian industry, this technology allows the pigmentation infusion of an earthy warm appearance inside the treated wood, which completes and enhances the grain and natural character of the wood.

Goodfellow Terra pressure treated wood products using MicroPro technology show significantly improved corrosion rates when in contact with metal products, similar to those of untreated wood.

Aluminum construction products can be placed in direct contact with Goodfellow Terra pressure treated wood products.  However, Goodfellow Terra pressure treated wood products placed in direct contact with aluminum products should only be used in construction applications that comply with the codes that ensure the proper flow of water and do not immerse the wood nor expose it to stagnant water.

Goodfellow pressure treats wood in three Eastern Provinces of Canada

  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland

Goodfellow Terra pressure treatment is suitable for all kinds of applications including residential and commercial. From siding to plywood, this would greatly increase the life of all projects, as well as your carbon footprint.